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Welcome to Tenon-UI

These are the documentation pages of Tenon-UI: Tenon's accessible React components library.

Why another component library?

Tenon-UI strives to become a go-to library for React developers who want to build inclusive and accessible sites that can be used by as many people as possible.

If you do not yet know why this is a very good idea or how this relates to React in general, please visit the React Accessibility Docs.

Use our views or bring your own.

Not every project calls for the same visual representation, and we acknowledge that. So Tenon-UI has been built with this in mind.

All visual parts of the library are completely plug and play allowing you to implement your own view, if required.

Tenon-UI also comes with its own separate StyleSheet and SASS source files so you can change it or even replace it completely.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to build powerful, accessible applications.


With great power comes great responsibility.

We have gone through a lot of effort to ensure that this library conforms to current accessibility requirements, working on as wide a range of browsers and assistive technologies as possible.

With this in mind, the view components shipped with the library play a crucial role to ensure this feature.

If you do decide to replace our view components with your own, we can no longer guarantee an accessible result. We recommend that you just use our views.

If you still want to replace our view components, please first read the documentation and supporting linked information carefully. Also have a look at how our view components are built and use them as a a guideline for your own.


Tenon-UI exists to make your life easier. Please enjoy the productivity boost these components add.

What about Hooks and Suspense?

We are fully aware of the future path of React. So we will invest time in the near future to also bring support for Hooks and Suspense where appropriate.

But first we want to provide you with components built on the current tried and tested patterns.

Found a bug or want to help?

Found a bug? Have a better a11y solution? Have an idea for other components?

Please let us know and create an issue or a PR on the GitHub repo of Tenon UI.