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Create your own Checkbox view

Here you will see how to create your own Checkbox view. When creating your own view inline, you will use the children render prop of the CheckboxController.

Available prop getters from CheckboxController

The CheckboxController gives you access to the following prop getter functions:


This prop getter generates the required props for the <label> element.


This prop getter generates the required props for the <input> element.


This prop getter generates the required props for the container element of your displayed errors.


This prop getter generates the required props for the container element of your content hint text.

Other props from CheckboxController

A number of other props are also exposed by the CheckboxController. Refer to the smart controllers page to see how validators work:


This boolean value will indicate to the view if an error should be shown. Normally, errors will only be shown after the first submit attempt unless overridden by the alwaysShowErrors prop of the Form component.

Use this to easily hide and show your error containers.


This value contains the current actual error message text. For valid or non-validated fields this will be empty. Otherwise if will contain the text from the first failing validator as specified on the CheckboxController.


This boolean value indicates if the CheckboxController has been marked as required. This can be handy to decide when to render required indicators.

Basic non-validated checkbox

If you only need a label and a checkbox you can write view code resembling this:



Here the label follows the <input>. This is common practise when rendering checkboxes.

Note: that both the getLabelProps and the getCheckboxProps prop getters can be called with an object that can override and / or enrich the props object returned by these prop getters. For example:



Required validated checkbox

For validation, you can make use of the getErrorProps prop getter as well.



Note in the example above that the visual ( required ) text is marked with aria-hidden="true". This is because the CheckboxController already marks the input as required with the aria-required property. Therefore you need to make sure that this is not read out twice by screen readers.

The prop getters will ensure that the error text field is linked to the input and that the input validity (aria-valid) is managed and read out by screen readers.

Checkbox with a content hint

Should you want to render a content hint, please make use of the getContentHintProps prop getter:



The prop getter will ensure that the content hint is also linked to the <input> field so that screen readers are aware of this.

As shown above you can easily combine this with an error field, although a content hint can safely be rendered on its own.