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In order for application notifications to benefit all users they need to support screen readers so that users know when something has happened in your application.

The Tenon-UI Notification component is a lightweight wrapper that manages this for you while you still have complete freedom to develop the notification view that you want.

The component manages when the content is shown and thereby will notify screen reader users that something has happened.

Working example of an information notification:

Note that the Notification component is really just a helper container that helps you ensure that screen readers can also work well with your notifications. Most of the implementation is up to you.

Notification component props


This prop is required.

A boolean prop indicating if the content of the Notification component should be shown or hidden.


This prop is required.

A string prop indicating what type of notification you want to render:

  1. error
  2. warning
  3. success
  4. info

Changing this setting will ensure that screen readers read the message at the correct priority setting as well as decorates the container with a class equal to the type so that you can hit it with styling.