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Spinner button

When you want to trigger an asynchronous action with a button and clearly indicate to all users that the action is busy and also that it has completed, you can use Tenon-IU's SpinnerButton.

It shows a visual spinner while marked as active and also broadcasts the necessary messages to screen readers.


The spinner button is used as follows:



Which gives you:

Try clicking this button. Also click the button while it is busy spinning.

Also test this button with a screen reader!

SpinnerButton component props


The same onClick handler you would use with a normal button.

It is important to note that this event handler is only fired if the button is in a non-busy state, to avoid multiple clicks of the button. Tenon-UI does NOT recommend using a disabled state on a button at any time as these buttons cannot easily be found and recognised by all users.

Therefore the button remains clickable but the SpinnerButton component manages for you whether the onClick handler is executed or not.


This prop is required.

A boolean value indicating if the action triggered by the button is busy. You are responsible for linking this to your asynchronous action in the code.


A string value that will be broadcast to screen readers when the button is busy.


A string value that will be broadcast to screen readers when the button action completes.


An event handler that always fires.

You may want trigger an action if a user clicks on a button with a busy state. This allows you to set notifications or other side effects of clicking on a busy button. You can use the onBusyClick handler for that purpose as the onClick handler is only executed when the button is in a non-busy state.


An imported animated image source.

If you do not like the spinner that Tenon-UI renders, you can provide your own by using this prop.